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The “free market” will never address the challenges we face -- climate change, economic violence, affordable healthcare, affordable housing, energy costs -- because the drive for profit itself is the root of these problems.


Climate Change and Public Power

We need to take immediate action to limit the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere or we will face increased devastation – wildfires, flooding, hurricanes, extinction of species. We need to tax carbon and invest the proceeds in a diversified, clean energy network, owned by local municipalities. If we invest in hydroelectric baseload and instal photovoltaic solar assemblies on every municipal building – schools, town halls, police and fire departments, even public universities and hospitals, we can reduce carbon emissions, create jobs, lowers taxes and drive down the cost of energy for working families. The energy revolution is here. It is time to address climate change by standing up to energy companies that only work to preserve their entitlement to your monthly check.

Post Office Banking - Public Finance

The US Post Service should provide banking services as an alternative to the bubble-stoking financial sector.

Rather than handing off the management of our federal tax income to private banking interests who gamble on Wall Street for the profit of the too-big-to-fail banks, we need to bring management of the taxpayers money under the checks and balances of our democratically elected representatives.

A good example is the bank of North Dakota. In 1919, North Dakota farmers found themselves at the mercy of Wall Street profiteers, so they they established the Bank of North Dakota. The taxpayers money is held in a public trust which functions like a bank investing in the community -- mortgages, bonds, economic development loans. Even during the “Great Recession,” the 2007 economic collapse, North Dakota maintained a budget surplus, low unemployment and no public debt.  

Our current private system is so corrupted by the drive toward immediate profit, they artificially create the series of corrupted “bubbles” that inevitably pop.  A few Oligarchs make billions leaving the working people to pay the bill.  The Savings and Loan Crisis of the 80s, the Tech/Energy Bubble of the 90s, the Subprime, Mortgage Backed Securities collapse -- Remember?  Can you believe how shamelessly they are doing it again -- cutting taxes and increasing spending and drunken pirates to create the next get-rich-quick bubble in who knows what -- Cryptocurrency?

"The Public Option" - Medicare For All

For profit insurance companies will never voluntarily surrender their entitlement to squeeze profit from your healthcare.  However, if we allow the people the choice to buy into medicare, the profiteers will not be able to compete.

Corporate Democracy and the Military Industrial Complex

Vermont does not need the The F-35, Joint Strike Fighter to be based in in South Burlington, the state’s highest-density population area.  The F-35 is a nuclear-capable fighter-bomber.   The military industrial establishment, with the unqualified support of Vermont’s Corporate Democrats, has spent more than a decade trying to base the F-35 in South Burlington. The F-35 has been in development since 1992, costing more than $400 billion, and it is still unfit to deploy.  The Pentagon’s 2017 review of the F-35 notes that the F-35 has more than 200 deficiencies, one of them being an inability to shoot straight.  We need to end the corruption and greed of the military industrial complex.  One third of the annual military budget could provide a guaranteed minimum income to every US Citizen, and we would still spend more than China, Russia, India and Saudi Arabia combined.

Note on Impeachment

When Peter Welch voted against the articles of impeachment last year (H RES 646), he demonstrated exactly why he is not ready for the job facing our elected representatives in 2018. Remember, Peter Welch did the same thing when Peter Shumlin lead the Senate vote to impeach George W. back in ‘07. Welch used his authority to crush the initiative in the VT House, saying that the Democrats had just re-taken power and should not waste their capital on a partisan fight. To Welch, Lying to justify an unprovoked invasion of a sovereign country was just a distraction? We the people are still paying for that war. When given the choice to stand for what is right, Welch always chooses the path of least resistance to maintain his power. But this is not a time for calculated inaction.

Opioid Epidemic: This is the time for action.

Vermont’s representatives must join the fight to address the opioid crisis at its source: pharmaceutical companies. Now is the time to hold Purdue and the rest accountable for what they have done. Ohio, Illinois, Mississippi, New York, California and Rhode Island have all initiated lawsuits over the pharmaceutical industry’s false, deceptive, and unfair marketing and/or unlawful diversion of prescription drugs. This is a story of corruption in league with the pre-lawsuit tobacco industry, and the Corporate Democrats stand on the sideline awkwardly stuffing money into their pockets.

Election Financing

In order to "be the change" to eradicate the dominance of big money from political campaigns I will only accept contributions from citizens and those who truly represent their interests: unions and non-profit advocacy groups.


I stand with Gabby Giffords and those who support not only thoughts and prayers, but rational reforms including: 

* Raise legal age for gun ownership to 21 
* Require parental/guardian liability for gun sales to minors 
* Ban concealed weapons from schools, places of worship, etc. 
* Ban the AR-15 and other assault weapons 
* Require background checks for ALL gun sales 
* Reinstate flagging for mental health issues 
* Empower local jurisdiction to enact such additional 
safety ordinances as they may choose 

Net Neutrality

We have every right to set standards consistent with our values of freedom and equality. The right of the people to a free press is a cornerstone of our democracy, and in 2018, telecommunications is “The Press.”

American Foreign Policy and Peacemaking

At its best, American foreign policy promotes dialogue, human rights, international respect, and the resolution of conflict through peaceful means.

A Voice For Working People

It’s time we had some democrats with backbone.  You can’t shut down the racket when you’re waiting for your cut.

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